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Before & After

Some of our most memorable transformation success stories.

Eve was dumped at the Dog Wardens on Christmas Eve in an awful state.

Frodo came to us after he was left abandoned aafter a Badger Baiting incident. 


Nine-year-old Max was found locked in a 10ft by 3ft basement. There was no light. The place was caked in faeces, and there were deep scratch marks on the walls where he had desperately tried to dig his way out.

RSPCA Inspector Naomi Norris rescued Max from the jail-like basement. She said:

“The only way to describe it was a dungeon. This poor dog was being kept like a prisoner in a horrible, dirty, dark dungeon.”

“I tried to get a lead on Max and he was not happy. But then, as soon as he was out of the property, his demeanour changed completely and he was a friendly dog. He so desperately wanted to get out of that house. I was not surprised because the conditions he was kept in were atrocious.

“Once we were outside, that was when I stroked him and felt that he was so thin – he was like a walking skeleton.”

Flint was brought to us in a collapsed state, exhausted and weak. He suffered appalling injuries after being abandoned by his owners after a Badger baiting incident. Flint did get a lot of media coverage and has featured on Channel 5's Dog Rescuers.

Maddie & Mitch (aka Marley & Zina) were brought to us via an Inspector after being left to starve in filthy squalor. Both dogs are now fit and well and have found their forever homes.

Rio was found abandoned living in these awful conditions. Rio's story was featured in Wirral Globe.
She was one of the Ruffs finalists as one of the biggest transformations.

Max was found as a stray in this horrific state after he escaped the garden that was nearly his grave. He was found to have stitches from an operation 3 years ago! He was 22kg and severely emaciated, he's now a healthy 37kgs.
Max's story was featured in the Wirral Globe 


Little Jess was barely alive after he came in with her mum and 2 siblings. They were all overrun with fleas and the tiny kittens had become severely anaemic due to this. Sadly we did lose 1 of them and we nearly lost Jess, he was barely alive when we sent him for a blood transfusion... It saved his life. He and his brother were rehomed together and have caused all sorts of mischief!


All grown up!


Mia was found abandoned and emaciated with 9 tiny puppies. She is now being treated just how she deserves to be.


China had been punched and beaten, and his skin was red raw and he was clearly in agony.  Just look at him now.


Bruce was a stray who came to us with a condition called Pododermatitis on his feet. He had been living rough and was barely managing as he couldn't put his feet down. We covered his pen in soft quilting and tended his wounds until he was better.


Pusska came to us with her eye so badly injured it had to be removed. It wasn't a new injury when she came to us. She has since made a full recovery and been rehomed.

Archie. This lovable rogue was found as a very OAP and was just skin and bone and very weak. We all fell in love with him at the Animal Centre and kept him as our staff cat until he was given a proper home. He still comes back to visit us though, even though he now lives a life of Riley

Daisy & Fudge were left in a back garden to starve while 2 other dogs lived inside the house and were normal weight.
Their story was featured in the Chester Chronicle

Always use SAFETY collars with a quick release. Odyssey wasn't wearing one of these and he managed to get his foot through the collar whilst he was straying, his wound was very infected when he came to us but after a lot of TLC he thankfully made a full recovery and found a new home.

Rosie was stabbed for stealing food. He story is in the Liverpool Echo


Lynx was found after being found caught in a fox trap. 


Rocky needed an urgent costly Knee operation. We created a separate fund to pay for operations like this as a result of Rocky. A lovely lady brought £400 to us the same day and Rocky had his operation. He now like to spend his spare time with his family in their caravan on holiday with them.


Ruby came to us in a pitiful state after being severely neglected for quite some time. She is now a happy, well loved family pet.


Blue was brought to us after being found as a stray. He was deaf and his reddish/brown coat was the result of the 1000's fleas that were devouring him. The blanket shows some of what fell off him overnight. Cost of fixing Blue... £5 for veterinary Flea treatment


Hayes was brought to us completely covered in Mange. One of the vet nurses who was caring for him fell in love with him and when he was well enough she came and took him home. He looks like a big happy boy now.


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