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Dogs for Rehoming

Since we closed our kennel in August 2013 we do still utilise the couple of kennels we have in the main building to assist the Inspectors in housing dogs that are most at risk. The dogs below are now ready for rehoming.

Rehoming Criteria

Dogs will not normally be rehomed to families with children under 4 years old

We would not rehome where the dog would be left alone for more than 4 hours regularly.

We will require written consent for any tenants of rented property.

We will normally carry out a home visit for our animals.

We ask for a rehoming fee of £100 ( we do offer an option to pay half the rehoming fee and set up a direct debit to help secure the long term future of the branch)

All our dogs that we rehome are:-


Vaccinated                                                                                             (If all this was done at a private vet it would cost in excess of £150+)




Vet checked.

Lola is a 4/5 year old cross breed. She was found abandoned on the Wirral Way with 2 tiny puppies in a box. The puppies are now weaned and Lola won't be having any more litters!

Lola is a little sweetheart. She's a very friendly girl but can be lacking in confidence a little until she has said hello. She will make a great companion in a home with older children. She has been a lovely mum to her puppies so is now looking for someone to look after and care for her as she should be.

Benji is a puppy from Lola (above) 

He is about 9 or 10 weeks old and is a very cheeky boy. He has a big character, loads of energy and loves to play, he can also be very loving. 

He will make a great pet and as will all puppies we would recommend puppy training classes.

Lenny is an 18 month old Bichon Frise cross and was brough to us in an awful state, (photo's on the link below) He is now feeling a lot better now he can see and move freely. He can be a little nervous of hands coming towards him and can be a bit 'flinchy' probably because he has not been able to see them coming before. He is now just re-learning how to play and have fun doing normal doggy things. We are looking for a home with teenagers and above for him. With a little love and time Lenny will make a fab pet.

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