RSPCA Wirral & Chester Branch 
Registered charity no. 219766

RSPCA Wirral Animal Centre
Cross Lane
Wallasey CH45 8RH
Tel 0151 638 6318
open every day except Thursday 11.30-3pm

Cats come to us for a number of reasons but mostly as injured strays or via the Inspectors. A rescue cat may take a little longer to settle in so patience is vital when rehoming a rescue cat. We don't know what if any trauma they have been through prior to coming into our care.

The donation fee for a cat/kitten  from us is £90 (or £150 for a pair)

All cats that we rehome are:-






If you were obtain a free cat/kitten as a responsible pet owner you would have to get all of the below done, which would cost around:-

Vaccinations    £50

 Neuter              £50

Microchipping  £20

De-Flea            £ 5

Worming          £ 5

Total                 £ 130

Your Local RSPCA needs help


You may be aware that Wirral & Chester RSPCA is a separately registered charity to the National RSPCA.  We normally house around over 100 cats so we are always looking for support to help us  continue helping needy animals. We rehome around 750 cats per year. 

We have to ask for a rehoming Donation to ensure we are able to help the cats of tomorrow. Most cats come to us because they are sick/injured/un-owned so often require veterinary treatment which is funded by the Branch. Most cats cost the Branch more than the donation fee of £90 as all of our cats rehomed by us are fully vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, de-flead and wormed as well as any veterinary treatment they require when they come to us. 

Wirral & Chester RSPCA also operates a no destruct policy so any cat that is with us will remain in our care until a suitable home can be found.

We are your local Branch, caring for local animals and need help from local people. Please help support us.

As the Branch relies on public support, it is unable to pay for expensive operations/treatment so we have a separate fund especially for cats like that. Please scan the QR code with your mobile phone or visit if you want your donation to help save cats we couldn't ordinarily fund. We never know when we will get a cat like this and sometimes have a few at once.

To see cats that have benefitted from this the QR code is displayed alongside their picture.

Thank you for helping us help them.

We have 47 cat pens available. Once they are taken we cannot accept any more cats and there are always cats desperate for a space So, by rescuing a cat from us you are enabling us to rescue another in its place. We also take cats from the Inspectors as well as injured strays so rarely have a space for unwanted pets. 

We cannot normally rehome any animal to families with children under 4 years old.

We cannot take a full reserve until you have met the cat.

A informal home visit will be carried out by one of our volunteers.