RSPCA Wirral & Chester Branch 
Registered charity no. 219766

RSPCA Wirral Animal Centre
Cross Lane
Wallasey CH45 8RH
Tel 0151 638 6318
open every day except Thursday 11.30-3pm

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Donations and Legacies

The Wirral & Chester Branch of the RSPCA is an separate charity and relies totally on public support to continue caring and rescuing animals in the Wirral and Chester areas. 

We work closely with RSPCA Inspectors to provide direct animal welfare services in these areas. This includes veterinary care and safe homes for unwanted animals and those that the RSPCA Inspectors have rescued from harm.

We are a special registered charity and are self-funding, raising money locally and relying on fundraising activities and public support to allow us to continue this work.

If you would be interested in making a one-off or regular donation to the branch please contact our Branch Manager Peter Hattam on 0151 638 6318 or email [email protected]

A legacy or bequest would provide crucial funds – we could not carry out our work without such generous support.

If you are considering a legacy to Wirral & Chester RSPCA in your Will , please remember that all the local RSPCA branches are separately registered charities and have their own charity numbers.

So if you would like the animals in your local area to benefit, please ensure that your intended legacy goes to " RSPCA Wirral & Chester Branch ".

An example of suitable wording is given below:

'I give £_________ to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Wirral & Chester Branch, registered charity number 219766 and I declare that the receipt of the Honorary Treasurer or other proper officer for the time being of the said Branch shall be a full and sufficient discharge for the said legacy'

If you have already made a Will and would like to leave a legacy to Wirral & Chester RSPCA, your solicitor or legal advisor can advise you how to include an additional section (a “Codicil”) similar to the one above.